Covid-19 Safety Measures for Ghana Digital Innovation Week 2021

About Ghana Digital Innovation Week (GDIW)  

The Ghana Digital Innovation Week is a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of Ghana’s digital innovation ecosystem and build momentum towards a common vision for its future development. The goal is to mobilize diverse digital innovation ecosystem stakeholders towards more collaborative and inclusive ecosystem development. Key ecosystem actors and enablers are invited to organize and host diverse, multi-stakeholder driven events and activities that target different audiences and ecosystem segments through out the span of a week.

GDIW is scheduled for the22-26 November at the Accra International Conference Center - Grand Arena. The week-long event will feature several events, each addressing key component of the digital ecosystem.

Ghana currently has 3,188,114 persons vaccinated with 8 daily cases reported on 17 November. The numbers of active cases and new infections are decreasing since September 2021, but COVID-19 safety protocols are still mandatory and to be observed by all persons.
GDIW Venue
Conference Area and Meeting Spacing
Food and Beverage Precautions
Healthy Habits
Logistical Provision